Living Sustainably: Community Policing for Peaceful Living

 Community Policing for Peaceful Living will be the next topic of Living Sustainably Along the Lakeshore’s continuing education series.

The event will take place: Tuesday February 6th  from 6:30-8pm

Herrick District Library-300 River Ave.

Srgt. Larry Matzen will discuss the importance of  community policing efforts.

Community Officers are described as being “dedicated to the complex task of gaining trust by getting to know the needs of the citizens they serve”.

Items discussed will be:

  • How community police officers are specially trained based on research from law enforcement studies
  • The use of body cameras and how police feel about them
  • Information on what every driver should know if they are ever pulled over by police
  • The goals of community policing in breaking down barriers and creating an environment of trust between law enforcement and the citizens they serve

Join this unique discussion that affects the community in which you live.