The mission of Washington School Neighbors is “to equip and empower residents to participate in the development of their neighborhood life by contributing their individual assets and diverse perspectives to enrich the entire community.”  We work towards accomplishing this mission via the following strategic objectives:

  1. Neighbors are empowered to invest in their community through their own leadership skills.
    • Specifically, we will discover, recruit and empower block connectors to participate in regular block connector gatherings.
  2. Neighbors are equipped to gather with other residents on their block.
    • Specifically, we will create space through regular events that allow residents to connect with one another and build stronger relationships.
  3. Neighbors are aware of the resources available from within the neighborhood.
    • Specifically, we will establish an asset library for neighbors to share and exchange tools, games, skills and time.
  4. Neighbors are aware of the resources available in the broader Holland community.
    • Specifically, we will educate residents on grants and resources available that can enhance their quality of life.
  5. Community-minded businesses and nonprofit organizations are engaged in creating spaces and opportunities for building community.
    • Specifically, we will partner in creative ways with local businesses and organizations, brainstorming with them ways that their assets can be used to strengthen the community.
  6. Neighbors are aware of and involved in decisions being made by local government that affect them.
    • Specifically, we will attend city council meetings and encourage greater participation in city decisions that impact the Washington School Neighborhood and neighbors.
  7. Neighbors are using and enjoying community garden space.
    • Specifically, we will maintain two community gardens and invite all neighborhood residents to participate in using these for doing gardening.
    • We will also encourage neighbors to use the garden space for neighborhood events.