WSN will host a neighborhood clean-up on Saturday October 3rd, from 8 to 11 am. We will partner with St.Francis Church to provide 3 dumpsters for neighbors to use to clean up their yards and homes. The dumpsters will be in the parking lot at the corner of West 13th and Maple Ave. Please see the list below for restrictions, and any items dropped off must adhere to these guidelines. If there are neighbors that need help transporting items to the dumpsters, please email Lisa no later than 2 days before the event. Due to safety guidelines, volunteers may not be able to enter homes to remove items and place them on the trailer. Be prepared to help as needed. If you plan to drop-off heavy items, plan to have help with you. All neighbors and volunteers are expected to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

  • No Liquids/Paint/Antifreeze/Oils
  • No Appliances with Freon or refrigeration (no air conditioner units, refrigerators, freezers etc.)
  • Tires MUST be cut into 2 pieces first
  • No Concrete-(because of safe weight limits)
  • Nothing can extend over the top of the dumpster. ALL items must be contained so that the dumpster can be safely transported.
  • ALL items must be broken down as much as possible to allow for maximized use

Drop-offs will start at 8 am and the last drop-off will be at 11 am, or until all the dumpsters are filled. If all of the dumpsters are filled and there is still a need, please contact Lisa for options on removal.

The dumpsters are made possible through a grant from Homecor

Questions? Email: [email protected]