Neighborhood Evening Walks

Do you enjoy walks?  Would you like to get to know your neighbors?  Act now and you can get two for the price of one – free!

On any given evening this Summer, starting Saturday June 2nd, you are invited to join fellow neighbors for a short walk through the neighborhood.

Those interested in taking an evening stroll will meet at the West end of the new Green Space (Maple & 11th)

Arrive at 6:55 PM and whoever is there by 7 PM will begin the stroll through the neighborhood.



A walk with neighbors for free? What’s the catch?
There’s no catch except that you may need to come out of your shell.

How long will the walks last?
You can walk as long or short as you wish. A typical walk may last 20 minutes but there is no pressure to stay, you choose what works for you!

What if nobody shows up and it’s 7 PM?
Solitary strolls can be just as enjoyable as walks with others, go ahead and embark on your stroll!

Are you crazy? With my busy schedule, I can’t walk every night.
There are no expectations. Join us daily, weekly, or even monthly. You choose.