Neighbors Stand Up for Their Green Space

This spring there has been a lot of talk about the beloved Washington School Green Space.

Quick summary for those of you not following the news: The Washington School Property is being redeveloped into private housing units. For those living in the neighborhood this means increased density and cars in the area as well as a loss of public green space. For many years the green space has been a highly frequented destination for families and friends to play and enjoy the outdoors in a safe close place. The loss of the green space would be mourned by many in the area the neighbors have decided to take a stand.

Washington School Neighbors are circulating a petition to ask City Council to partner with Washington School Neighbors to make part of the school property into a green space that will continue to be a public area for all the neighborhood to enjoy.

If you want to get involved, check out the Facebook page or sign the petition here.

Want proof of how important this green space is? Check out these kids who are fundraising to keep their beloved play area!


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