Overnight Parking Trial Period Has Ended

The Overnight Parking Pilot Program that began May 15, ended on Tuesday, September 30. Unfortunately, many residents have missed the deadline and continue to park on the street at night. Please note that there are consequences:

–$10 for the first citation if paid within 7 days

–$15 if paid after 7 days

–$25 if paid after 30 days

–A boot placed on the vehicle if unpaid after 30 days ($100 boot removal fee along with the citation)

There will be an open study session held Oct. 22 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall to discuss this issue and the findings of the study. 1,500 residents were randomly selected to take part in an online survey. If you received an invitation to the survey, know that the city is still receiving feedback, so please respond.

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